Slovenia with Kids

Live your Slovenian fairytale — have an outdoor adventure, search for our magical creatures, raise your adrenaline levels, and splash around the water parks.
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Slovenia is a country that can make all parents’ hearts swell with joy — it has something for everyone!

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Slovenia holidays with kids

If you’re looking for things to do in Slovenia with children, our mountains, rivers, and coastline offer something for everyone. Our landscape is incredibly diverse. You can have fun in the water parks or go ziplining or rafting. The Adriatic coast will keep your kids entertained while you can relax at the beach

You can also visit the ZOO or experience and learn about life on a farm. But be prepared to listen to the stories about magical creatures living underground and atop our mountains.

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Visit Slovenia with kids

And if you’re planning to explore Slovenia with kids, you’ll find plenty of ways for all of you to stay active — hiking, cycling, and other activities in the Alps will keep you busy throughout your trip. From natural landmarks like caves and mountains to cultural landmarks like castles and historical sights — Slovenia is every kid’s bliss.

Water parks

If you’re traveling with children, the water parks are a great alternative to the more traditional options. They offer a wide range of activities for young and old alike. You can hardly find better ways to enjoy the sunny days at the water parks than by relaxing in the pools, on water slides, or in the wave pool. Water parks are not only fun for children but also parents. You can also relax and recharge your batteries in spa centers or other wellness facilities.

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Let your kids run wild on water slides and water playgrounds

There are several water parks in Slovenia, including Aqualuna Water Park in Podčetrtek, Terme Čatež Spa, Terme 3000 Spa in Moravske Toplice, and Terme Ptuj Spa. 

Adventure parks

If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, try adventure parks, where you can test your resourcefulness and adventurous spirit at numerous obstacles, including high slides and ropes courses. You can even descend into the valley on summer toboggans.

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Test your resourcefulness in the adventure parks

All the adventure parks in Slovenia are kid-friendly. You can find them all around Slovenia, from the Postojna Adventure Park to the Lake Bukovnica Adventure Park.

Adriatic Sea

In Slovenia, you can find numerous places suitable for swimming in the Adriatic Sea. The Slovenian coast has many pebbly beaches that are excellent for children. The warm seawater will delight both adults and children alike. 

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Stunning beaches in the Adriatic

The beaches are maintained and offer enough shallows, allowing children to explore the sea without worry. They will find many intriguing things on the bottom of the sea bed and build towers of pebbles on the beach.

Lakes and rivers

Slovenia is a place for water adventures as well. Rivers and lakes intersperse across the country, and there are plenty of spots where you can cool off and have fun with various water activities

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White water rafting in Slovenia

You can rent a paddleboard, kayak, or canoe to spice up your swimming days. The most adventurous families can even try canyoning or white water rafting to raise their adrenaline levels. 

And there is always an option of relaxing by the colorful riverside or lakeside and enjoying the views.

Mountains of the Alps

Slovenia’s Alpine landscape hides some of the most breathtaking locations, and hiking is a great way to discover them. Slovenian Alps are home to many mountain huts with rustic but comfy accommodations where you can rest your tired feet and enjoy traditional Slovenian food

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Adventures in the Alps

If you explore the mountainside with children, they will not only be able to enjoy an authentic experience of living in the mountains, but they’ll also get some exercise in the process.

Slovenia has many national parks, including Triglav National Park, which houses Mt. Triglav, the highest peak in Slovenia. The Triglav Lakes Valley is home to countless hidden gems for hikers.

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Leisure hiking in Slovenia

For younger children, hiking in the valleys or across elevated plateaus might be more suitable. There are countless trails along Lake Bled or Lake Bohinj or even easily-accessible mountain pastures like Velika Planina.

Active holidays

Slovenia’s diversity makes it a perfect destination for active families. There are plenty of activities to choose from — from the natural (cycling, hiking) to the adrenaline-inducing (ziplining, paragliding). Wherever your interests lie, there’s something for you and your family in Slovenia.

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Ziplining in Slovenia

Be it in the Julian Alps, around the Adriatic coast, or anywhere else in the country, you can always find something to do with your kids in Slovenia. Via Ferrata, sport climbing, horseback riding, and more — Slovenia has it all!

If you have an adventurous family, you can look into booking a Slovenia Family Activity Holiday.

Life on a farm

When the urban buzz gets too much, and you need some space to breathe, a Slovenian farm can serve as a refreshing getaway. You can enjoy nature at its best in the countryside. You will also see what life was like before digital distractions and 8-hour workdays.

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Learn about life on a farm

Kids will have fun running through vast meadows, playing with farm animals, and learning about life on the farm. You might even find yourself pitching in with some of the chores while your kids run circles around you — they’ll love it! 

Whether picking fruit from orchards or helping to feed animals, they’ll learn about domestic life in a hands-on way that will leave them with fond memories. Once the sun sets, you can gather everyone in the hay loft for a restful sleep.

Sightseeing in cities

Slovenia is a country with a long history. It is rich in cultural and natural heritage, which is especially visible in towns and cities. Well-preserved historical sites provide for an intriguing journey into the past.

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Sightseeing in Ljubljana

You can stroll around narrow cobblestone streets, visit town shops or restaurants, and learn about Slovenia’s rich history, stretching back to Roman times.

You can visit castles such as Ljubljana Castle, Bled Castle, and Celje Castle. And if you are lucky, you might be there at the time of a scheduled event, so you can even witness a knight tourney!

ljubljana castle
Ljubljana Castle

There are also some things you cannot find in the countryside: escape rooms, museums, and much more. You can hardly forget to include these things if you want a versatile family holiday in Slovenia.

Winter fun

Slovenia has incredible and varied winter offers for families with children of all ages. You can do a number of fun and entertaining activities in Slovenia at any time of the year, but the snow makes it even more special during winter. The best way to enjoy a sunny day in Slovenia during winter is by spending it outside, so what better than discovering the country’s natural beauty on skis or snowshoes?

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Winter fun

Slovenia is considered one of the best places in Europe for winter sports — there are various world-class ski resorts, including the popular Kranjska Gora and Vogel ski resorts. 

Winter offers a variety of activities for everyone — from kids to adults. Make sure you do not miss sledding down the snow-covered hills or riding a sleigh pulled by a pack of huskies.

Sledding in Slovenia

Possibly spend a day of fun ice skating in the rink or on the surface of a frozen lake?

Or you can just enjoy some time outdoors with your family by building a snowman or taking a walk in the snow.

Explore the underground world and its magical creatures

For some, the best part about visiting Slovenia with kids is that the country is full of underground natural wonders: caves filled with stalagmites and stalactites.

Train in Postojna Cave
Train in Postojna Cave

Oh, yes, and dragons! Have you ever heard the story about the dragon who lived in the Postojna Cave? If you do not believe it, look at all those baby dragons living in the cave!

Animal kingdom

Slovenia is home to a diverse range of animals, from the alpine ibex in Triglav National Park to the brown bear in the wooded central areas of the country. To learn more about these and other rare creatures, you should plan a visit to Ljubljana’s ZOO. You can learn about animals from all over the world there.

But you can also see the brown bear in its natural habitat if you join a bear-watching trip. As for the other indigenous species in Slovenia, you can visit the Lipica stud farm to learn about the traditional Lipizzaner horses.

Lipica stud farm
Lipica stud farm

Or you can have your kids learn more about the abovementioned baby dragons. The species’ actual name is human fish, and they are the only vertebrae living exclusively underground. Postojna Cave is one of the rare places where you can see them in the world.

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