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Slovenia is a small paradise for families, and our team knows it — our goal is to introduce our beautiful piece of land to as many happy families as possible.

Hey. I’m Ivana and I am the manager of Slovenia Family Holidays.

Creating memorable experiences for visitors to Slovenia has always been a hobby of mine.

Every day, being outside in nature or amid cultural treasures with other intriguing individuals, as well as the dynamic aspect of a regular job, encourages me. That is why I’ve worked as a tourist guide for so long.

Cow farm in Jezersko
Slovenia is a family-friendly destination

During my undergraduate days, I used to show the exchange students the beauty of Slovenia. Now I’m doing the same thing on a larger scale, showing Slovenia’s rich landscape and culture to the families who wish to visit this magical corner of Europe.

I am also an avid traveler who has traveled all over the world. I like learning about different cultures, which motivates me when I connect with our visitors. I also know my way around children from being in tourism for so long.

Working in a travel agency in Slovenia provided me with valuable knowledge. I learned about the most prevalent concerns and the things people enjoy the most; in short, I started to understand what people want when they visit Slovenia.

happy family snow
Visit Slovenia in every season

That goes for families especially, as I know how stressful organizing holidays with kids is.

While all these years have shaped me into the person I am, I have always had a strong desire to improve things for our visitors. I was successful, but there was so much more I wanted to achieve.

Slovenia Family Holidays was formed with the aid of my tourist buddies to achieve those aspirations, offering everyone the opportunity to enjoy the perfect vacation in Slovenia.

A team bent on giving you the best time of your life

Our crew connects people as enthusiastic about traveling as about sharing that enthusiasm with others. We work directly with expert guides and local vendors to ensure that your family holidays run well.

Our guests’ feedback continually motivates us to persist on our path and make a difference in the vacation experiences of more people. That is why we have made it our purpose to continue developing and assisting more and more arriving families in creating unforgettable experiences throughout their family holidays in Slovenia.

fish baby
We want to create the best experience for every family

Would you like to take your teenager hiking or cycling and combine that with sightseeing of Slovenia’s famous landmarks? We’ll make it happen!

How about a waterpark with many slides and a visit to Ljubljana’s zoo for your youngest? Have a blast!

hiking alps family
Hiking with family

Or would you want to treat your taste buds to the finest authentic cuisine prepared by renowned Slovenian chefs while relaxing in a private setting? Done!

Is there a package combining leisure activities with visits to Slovenia’s major attractions, so we can still spend some alone time as a family? Of course, we can organize it for you!

We are confident we can find the perfect holiday for you, and that you will be looking forward to it from the moment of booking. 

Flexibility, value-for-money & fun for everyone

We have already spoken at length about why Slovenia is a great destination to visit with your kids. The options are endless, and we offer you a chance to design your perfect family holiday. The secret ingredients are our knowledge and your wishes. 

Because we operate without intermediaries and directly with local suppliers, our family tours remain good value for money. There are no hidden costs; you receive what you pay for precisely. 

And don’t worry. We’re a financially protected firm, so you can check out our selection of the best Slovenia family tours to find the one for you. Or you can fill out our form and let us know how you want your family holidays to unfold and leave the rest to us.

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For anything else, check out Slovenia Discovery.

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